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Hand and Foot Care ; Waxing-Smooth Finish ; Massage ; Facial & Spa Treatments

Hand and Foot Care

* Acrylic - Full Set                                   30 +
   Acrylic - Fill                                           18 +
* Acrylic - With White Tip                      35 +
* Acrylic - Pink and White                     45 +
   Pink and White - Fill                            28 +
* Acrylic - Gel                                          45 +
   Acrylic - Gel Fill                                    30 +
* Manicure - Express                             10
   (Trim, shape and polish)
   Manicure - Classic                               15
   (Trim, shape, cuticles, massage
   and Polish)
   Manicure - Luxury Spa                        20
   (Cooling gel massage & paraffin
   treatment, in addition to Classic)
* Pedicure - Express                              20
   (Trim, shape and polish)
   Pedicure - Classic Spa                        25
   (Trim, shape, cuticles, massage,
   with warm towel and Polish)
   Pedicure - Luxury Spa                        40
   (Exfoliating sea salt, cooling gel,
   massage with paraffin treatment,
   in addition to classic)
* Add - Ons:
              Art design / French
              Liquid gel
              Foot mask
              Paraffin treatment
              Polish change

Waxing-Smooth finish

   Eye Brows                                            15
   Lip or Chin                                            10
   Full Face                                               40
   Full Arms                                              35
      Haft Arms                                             20+
      Underarms                                           20+
      Haft Legs                                              30+
      Full Legs                                               50+
     Full Legs + Bikini                                70+
   Toes                                                      10
      Chest                                                    35+
      Back                                                      45+
   Back + Shoulders                               60
      Bikini Line                                            35+
    Brazilian                                               65


                            30 minutes tension relief                              35
 Tight back, neck, shoulders and
       acupresure facelift.

Facial & Spa Treatments

  •       European Facial With Ampoule - 1 Hour                         65
    It includes a preliminary cleansing and
   analysis of the skin, which reveals a plan
   of action for your facial and your home
   regimen. To be followed by a customized
   exfoliation in order to melt away any
   surface impurities. Light extraction are pre-
   formed if needed, followed by a personalized
   repair ampoule. A complementary mask is
   applied to balance and rejuvenate your skin.
   The finishing touch includes a moisturizer with
   sunscreen for radiant and healthy skin .
  •     Power Repair Treatment - 1 Hour                                70
    After a European style cleansing the skin is prepared
   by an exfoliation to receive repairing marine elastin,
   collagen or DNA. Thanks to a creamy rich mask you
   will then enjoy a deep hydrating effect of sea weeds
   and anti-age activity of ginseng and horsetail botanicals.
   The finishing touch includes a repairing moisturuzer with
   sunscreen for radiant and healthy skin. This is perfect
   for pre-mennopausal skin with dilated pores, skin with
   lack of slasticity in line and wrinkle concerns.
  •    Luminous Sea and " C "  -  1   1/2hours                            85
    A vitamin supplement for a radiant skin. Blending a
   potent concentration of stabilized vitamin C with
   the latest high-tech formulation of pure freeze-dried
   sea weed, this mask reduces fine lines, strengthens
   skin elasticity and counteracts photo-aging.
  •    Mini Facial - 1/2 hours                                                         40
    It includes cleansing, exforliation, a hydrating mask,
   and a finishing cream.
  •    Floracid Mini- peel Treatment - 1/2 hours                       45
    This is an aggressive and effective exforliating hibiscus
   flower acid that accelerates dead cell removal. Mixed
   with glycolic and salicylic acid. This peel give the skin
   and immediate silky texture, smoothing fine dry lines,
   balancing oily secretion, lightening hyper-pigment and
   hydrating while rendering the skin radiant.
  •   Facial Add- Ons

      De-stress Eye Treatment

      Eye Wrinkle                                                                  15

      Eye Puffiness                                                                10



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23515 NE. Novelty Hill Rd.
Redmond, WA 98053
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